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  1. Your photos say volumes. I have never been to India nor have I ever desired but what I have read and seen so far is giving me incentive to learn more about your intriguing country. I had a question about the man outside the KFC. Did you go back in KFC and buy him a meal? Is that not done in India or part of the culture? A genuine question as I don’t know your culture. Keep up the good work as you will be rewarded handsomely someday. You are a gift young man. God bless you.

    • Firstly, thanks a lot for the kind words. I really appreciate it. And secondly, about buying something for the man outside KFC, no, I did not. It does not really happen in our country. I mean what we prefer to do is rather than buying an expensive meal from KFC which will probably feed the person’s stomach for once, we prefer to give things like daily bread, etc. which is much cheaper and if the equal amount is spent, could feed someone for a month. The reason mainly being that India is dominated by a middle-class society (myself included). and even for us to go to a place like KFC, we can only do it probably once or twice in a month. For us, money cannot always be spent as a leisure. You know how things happen at a place for so many different reasons. Hope that answered your questions.

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