Daylight Robbery… A Business Strategy

Reading the title of this post, I know what most of you must be thinking. You’ve most probably jumped to the conclusion that this post is going to be about certain business ventures which loot their customers in broad daylight by charging excessive amounts simply because they know that the customer does not have a choice or something like that. Well, sorry to disappoint you. This post has nothing to do with customers. Instead, it is about the employees…

While certain business organizations do loot their customers in the name of brand or simply because they have a monopoly in the respective region, I’ll leave that topic for another day. For now, I want to talk about something more personal. I want to talk about a place that I worked in and saw the real picture which had all along been hidden behind the glamor and style… A picture so hideous and distasteful, it almost isn’t human.

To avoid any legal complications, I’ll refrain from naming any organization, but I had been working with a certain business group in my hometown for a few months. The business that they do is not really important in this context, but I had applied there as a Graphic Designer. They have quite a number of shops around the city and run a more or less monopoly market here. Obviously, the owner is filthy rich, which by the way is not a bad thing at all.

Anyways, what struck me first after entering the organization is that why were most of the people working there so under-qualified for the position they were holding. I did not have to wait too long for my answer. It was all about the money. Yes… MONEY! What the boss out here did is that he hired people who were desperate and had no way to make a living and gave them the minimum salary imaginable. Now you would think that why would someone work for such a low salary? Well, if your husband has kicked you out of your house or you are the only hope of your old and aging parents or the entire responsibility of your ten member family is on your shoulder or you know there is no other job you are qualified for, you would not be in a position to bargain. Therefore, these people do not have a choice and are bound to work here.

My question here is that isn’t it unethical to make people work like an ass and then pay them just a few pennies? I agree, these people may not be qualified in degrees and certificates, but they are doing every single work you are asking them to do, and they are doing it well. Then why should they not be paid what they deserve? Well, let alone the pay, one would not even earn a mere compliment for how much ever they worked or whatsoever they did.

Anyways, this is not where it ends. Since, the entire business is being run by such cheap minded people, all you get to hear in the workplace is everyone playing their own political games against everyone, and where they fail to do something such, they satisfy their hunger by bitching about the person. I know bitching isn’t illegal, but it definitely does not help to create a workplace environment. Besides, the bitching I’m talking about here is not the kind you hear in corporate companies, but more of the sort you would probably find in the slums of third world nations.

Since, I have not grown up in such an environment, all this was too much for me to bear and so I left the organization only after a period of 4 months. And oh, the kind of sick things that my boss called me up and said. But it’s alright. He had to take out his anger somewhere, and there was nothing more he could do to me other than call up and blabber blabber blabber… But well, I did not write this post when I left. I am writing this today, after a month. Why so? Well… A few people that I worked with during my short term there said that I had given them some positivity and courage to do something better in life. I had made them identify their true worth. I’m not trying to brag here but this is what they said about me and I am simply mentioning this to better explain the reason why I wrote this post today.

One girl, who worked with me in that organization had been there for the past 8 years. She had started working there when she was still studying in college and it was only because her entire family’s responsibility was on her shoulders. Believe it or not, even after 8 years, the pay she was getting is lesser than what a fresher is offered at any average company in India. Yet, she stayed there because she was too afraid to leave. She had been in that place for so long now that she had become too accustomed to that place and could not imagine herself walking out of there or taking a risk in life. During my term there, I grew quite close to her and she almost became like a sister to me. It really began to pinch me and hurt me as to how minimum a graduate girl was getting paid for all the immense amount of quality work that she did, but no one would think twice before shouting at her or scolding her because they knew that she wasn’t going anywhere. She was literally the backbone of their designing group which was a major part of the company and yet she was treated worse than the boy who would get tea for us.

I don’t know what I said or did which inspired her so much but she told me before I left that I had given her the courage and now she would do something in life. Right after I left, she started searching for better opportunities and finally yesterday evening she called me and informed that she had cracked an interview and gotten a job offer which she had always longed for. I was really happy for her.

But today afternoon she called me and said that she had informed her boss (my ex-boss) that she was leaving and what that man did was pathetic. The girl lives with her family in a rented house and apparently the owner of that house has taken a huge sum of loan from this aforementioned boss. So, the boss told the house owner to force them to leave the house by the end of this month or pay back his money immediately. The house owner obviously told her to leave within a month. This is what really set me on fire and this is the reason why I wrote this today. Is it human to do something like this? Forget human… Is it even legal? How low can somebody go for his own benefits?

I am extremely glad that I left that organization when I did and I am even more glad that inspite of having to face all this, the girl had the guts to leave and not bow before the tyranny of pure evil. I pray and hope that she really prospers in the new career path that she has chosen for herself and if there is truly something called karma, the boss will meet him eventually. Though, I really wish there was something more solid that could be done against such people.

Anyways, many of you may choose to disagree with me or consider this to be the moves of the game… Well, I don’t give a shit about you if your thoughts are anything like that. This is my blog and this is where I write whatever I believe in. I am not a very practical person. Rather, I’m more of an emotional guy and these things touch me deeply. So, if you have some practical viewpoints on the matter, shit on it on your own space.

Or else, if you’re someone like me, I know there is practically nothing you could do in this matter, but just keep the girl in your prayers who decided to be brave and fight the system in her own small way and wish her luck to make it big in her life.