Instagram Purist: To Be Or Not To Be?

First and foremost, who is an Instagram purist? While most people would say that one is an Instagram purist only if he or she shares those pics on Instagram that he or she has shot with the Instagram camera and used the filters that come with it, I like to be a bit more lenient in the matter. To me, an Instagram purist is anyone who shoots using any mobile camera app and edits using any app on their phone and shares them on Instagram. As long as someone is not sharing their photos shot with a DSLR or Point-And-Shoot, etc., he or she is a purist to me.

So now my real question is should we be an Instagram purist or not? While there are several people with the opinion that Instagram is a platform for sharing mobile photographs and should stay that way, there are an equal number of people who argue by saying that Instagram is a great platform for sharing photographs, and hence, one should take maximum advantage of it and share their shots taken with any medium.

To me, its a real dilemma and so far I have remained completely neutral regarding this. While remaining a purist forces me to shoot more as I do not have a huge archive of mobile shots, the idea of sharing my good works that I shot with my DSLR in the past always seems tempting. As a matter of fact, due to this, I have really been struggling a lot with my Instagram feed. I’m absolutely not sure as to what stand should I take.

So here I’m requesting your suggestion. What is your opinion in the matter? Do you feel that it is better to remain an Instagram purist, or is it wise to go with any shot taken with any medium?

By the way, here is a link to my Instagram Profile:

Insta Profile@Blazing_Sanity


2 thoughts on “Instagram Purist: To Be Or Not To Be?

  1. A very good question that I ask myself too! I agree that, strictly speaking, the photos shared on Instagram should be shot and edited on a mobile device. That having been said, I admit that I have recently been guilty of posting the odd DSLR shot pic though.

    I find myself seeking out profiles that profess to being “iphone only” for example. I think Instagrammers should perhaps simply tag appropriately to indicate on what device the image was taken.

    In any event, you have a great Instagram portfolio!

    Kind regards

    • Thanks for your response Devin. I’ll check out your profile too. But honestly, I don’t think I have a great Instagram portfolio. Reason being, I myself do not know what I want to have there and what not. I’m really struggling with the editing (not post-processing). Lets see if I can gather enough responses on this post to give me a clearer view on the matter. 🙂

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