Spreading My Wings

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All along this time, I have been doing a lot of photography and sharing them with you, and I shall continue to do so in the future too. But off late, I have decided to spread my wings a little. I have always enjoyed creative writing and story-telling, and this is the reason that you will see that the photos I share with you people mostly have a story associated with it. Now, I plan to move my writing beyond the walls of my photography. I enjoy movies, I live on technology, I’m a hardcore gamer, I do graphic designing and media production, and there are all these so many things that I want to write about and share my thoughts about.

Earlier this year I completed my graduation, and apart from photography, I’m also doing freelance content writing as a full-time job. Hence, I thought that if I had a blog where I wrote on a wide array of topics, it would not just serve my purpose story-telling, but also act as a portfolio for recruiters and people seeking to hire my services.

Having said all that, came the point where I had to make a decision of whether I wanted to create a new blog for my write-ups which were not related to photography, or should I keep it all under the same roof. I asked for suggestions on the WordPress Community Pool, but sadly I got just one reply. The good news is that the reply was exactly what I already had in mind:

“I don’t think there’s an easy answer to your question.

If you want to put your writing on the same blog you currently have, you’ll probably need to change the theme. The text/background color combo you currently have would be a nightmare to read in longer posts. However, your current theme looks great with your photography and you might mess up the photography experience if you change the blog’s color scheme.

If I were you, I would open a second blog. However, I would write a post on the photography blog that announces the creation of the second blog so that (hopefully) your followers would check out that second one too. I would also add a very prominent link (perhaps using the image widget) on both blogs connecting them to each other. You might also add a link on your “About” page.”

I was pretty sure that this is what I was going to do, until I gave myself some more time to think and finally decided to keep it all under the same roof. Since it is the readers who make the authors, and I respect your opinions and views a lot, I thought it was my duty to give a proper introduction to my new beginning, and share the reasons behind my decision with all of you, rather than just jumping to absurd topics all of a sudden.

  • Brand Name – “Turn 2 Page LIFE” has been my brand-name for quite sometime now, and people recognize me with this name. And it definitely did not happen in a single day. Years of networking in various different social networks, blogging, sharing, liking and commenting got me where I am today with this name. Creating a new brand-name would mean starting from the scratch again. It would also mean a wastage of all these years of hard-work that I have put behind creating what I have today.
  • Followers – Hundreds or thousands of fans and followers do not pop out of the blue in a single day. That too takes immense hard-work. A new platform would mean losing them all and starting off from the beginning with the only hope that some of these people would follow me to my new location. And to be honest, I’m just a fresher, not some world renowned celebrity. I cannot expect everyone to follow me wherever I go. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to those who do. Once again, a new blog makes no sense.
  • Joint Services – It is I who does the photography, and I who does the content-writing. Hence, I don’t think there is any harm in sharing them both under the same platform. In-fact, it would tell people exactly what kind of work I do, and what is my caliber, without having to jump from one blog to the other.
  • Variation – Having both photography and other contents under the same blog would prevent the readers from getting bored of one type of content. I will always have the opportunity to surprise my readers with new stuff and (hopefully) increase my readership.

Hence, I have decided to spread my wings with Turn 2 Page LIFE, and share with you a wide variety of content from now onwards. But firstly, I feel that I should change my blog theme to something that can be a bit more text friendly. That which will never change and stay on forever is the originality and creativity of the content.

I really hope that with this new venture too, I will receive your support, just as I have till date. Let me know your opinions and feedback in the comments below.


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