Headlines Today


One of the most common site on any Indian street (and, I believe, many other countries in the world) is people reading newspapers. In this world overloaded with technology such as Twitter, Ipad, Blackberry, etc., newspapers still remain to be the best source of news as well as time-pass for most people (especially elders). While traveling in bus, or waiting outside a shop for someone, at a taxi stand with friends, or maybe the steps of a temple, or any other place imaginable, we often see these strangers with their heads dug into the headlines of the day. True, newspapers may not be as timely as other sources of news, but they still carry a value which no other medium of the kind can take from it for a long time in the future.


4 thoughts on “Headlines Today

  1. Wonderful pictures! People look so beautiful while they read, because they are concentrating and their mind is focused on one thing at the time. Amazing, thank you for sharing these excellent photographs!

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