Street Photography – 30 Tips In 30 Photos

This is really the first photography related video that I had made and uploaded to my Youtube channel. It’s almost been a year since then, and the video has got quite a good response (some positive, while others negative). But nevertheless, I feel that the video has some good tips that might be handy to those planning to start doing some street photography.

So, hope you guys enjoy watching it, and take away something good from it. Feel free to leave ur feedback.


4 thoughts on “Street Photography – 30 Tips In 30 Photos

  1. The pictures are great. I’m really interested in learning photography.
    I’m based out of Delhi. I just enrolled for a ‘Street Photography Workshop’ which will be conducted by Sandeep Bali. (
    Can you help/suggest any other ways I can get started?

    • The internet is the best way to get started in any kind of photography today… There are thousands of blogs/websites where you can learn tips, techniques, etc. Then there are several others where you can see people’s photographs for inspiration. And finally and most importantly, go out and shoot… 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful music. Have you ventured to other parts of India yet?

    I was all over the country last year and am from Sri Lanka originally so can relate to many of your subjects. If you ever come to London, give me a shout!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, I have been to most parts of India, but those where the days when I did not seriously get into photography. So I have started traveling once again now, with a new vision. Hope to capture and share more such pics in the future. And definitely hope to meet some day. 🙂

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