A Fortunate Child’s… Not So Fortunate Superhero!

Sitting in my room one gloomy afternoon a thought happened to strike me out of the blue. Why are the children always crazy about going out to the market with their parents? They don’t know anybody there, then what is that which interests them so much. I know I was the same, and I have seen my brother grow up with the same enthusiasm. I started to list down in my mind the things that could interest a child out in the crowd. And soon my imagination bought me to Toyman, the superhero of every child. Now you must be wondering who Toyman is. Well, Toyman is that man who probably was not as fortunate as you or I, and today he earns his living only by selling cheap toys to the children, standing at various corners of the streets. We can say about him being not so fortunate because his parents probably could never afford a toy for him, nor gain him proper education. Or else, he sure would have chosen a different profession. But as far his fortune took him, this was the best job he could do. But that is my thought as a grown up man. To the innocent eyes of a child, he is nothing less than any superhero. He has every toy that a child could dream of. He shows them off at the streets, and gives to any child who asks. He is like the owner of a magic lamp, who can put his hand inside his bag and take out the speaking duck or the hustling train, the different shaped balloons or the crazy bouncing balls, the colorful Rubik’s cube or even the warrior Beyblade. He is Toyman, a fortunate child’s not so fortunate superhero!



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