March For Justice

Injustice and abuse of students from the northeastern part of India in the rest of the country is a major issue that the nation is facing currently. While most people will deny of any such thing happening, it has been evident that such kind of isolated events keep occurring and re-occurring from time to time, and it is because of this that the people from the northeast claim of such injustice, and are often afraid to step out to mainland India. How far this claim is true cannot really be said, but in year 2012, the unfortunate death of Loitam Richard from Manipur (who got into brawl with his fellow hostel-mates over a television remote control, and is alleged to have died from severe brain hemorrhage caused during the fight) and Dana Sangma from Shillong (alleged to have been humiliated by a Professor of her college to such an extent that she ended up committing suicide) has really raged a fire across the nation. While the individual colleges were completely denying of them being at any kind of fault for the events, people across the nation have held candle marches to demand for justice.


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