It’s An Everyday Struggle

Life isn’t a cupcake for everyone. Infact, at some stage or the other, it is a battle for everyone, which has to be fought. And this fact remains inevitable to almost every individual. But some of course have to fight tougher battles than others. While there are people who worry day and night about where to hide there black-money or how to double there stock market income, there are also people who spend there lives with just one thought… “Will I be able to earn enough for me and my family’s next meal?” They are mostly not very educated people, which might have been because their parents were never able to send them for formal schooling, or because maybe they themselves were never interested in education. It could also be because the responsibility of the family fell on their shoulders at too early an age. Or, maybe that inspite of being educated, they never got a proper job. Whatever maybe the reason, there life is now a struggle everyday, and they have to live with this struggle forever, until fate takes a U-turn for them.



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