Legacy From An Unknown Author

Legacy From An Unknown Author

This is one of my MOST FAVORITE shot! I came across this very young character while roaming around in the market one evening. He was busy in his own world, playing around in the streets, but got very excited as he noticed me shooting around with my camera. He actually came to me and asked me to take a shot of his. Firstly I took a few casual shots, but then he took out the cross and pointed at the camera. I was amazed and my entire perspective of the subject changed. It was then that I noticed the depth in the child’s eye that really touched me. I put my focus on his face rather than the Cross, because for the first time I felt that someone was more important than the Almighty himself. The kid had absolutely nothing, his poverty was unimaginable, but yet he carried the Lord with him with all pride. Though I’m not very sure if he knows what the Cross actually means, or anything about God, but his attitude towards life is incredible. The reason for taking the tightest crop is because I wanted to hide his poverty as much as possible, coz inspite of being extremely poor, he is much richer from his soul than many of us. And an overhead shot because I feel that through this angle he is looking eye-to-eye with God, without questioning him about his horrible life, nor crying about his fate, but challenging him to live on with whatever he has.


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