No Mercy

Society is becoming all the more heartless and ruthless with every passing day. The world is all about “survival of the fittest”. No body has the time to even glance down once at someone who has fallen in the race of the fast pacing lifestyle. People are born every day and people die every day. But no one really cares. No one has the time to care. It’s all about I, Me and Myself.

But can we blame just one individual for this? Of course not! It’s the generation… It’s the competition… It’s the necessity of every man. Then should we just completely give up on humanity and continue to live the life that is more ferocious than those jungle animals who wouldn’t mind feeding on one another only to suffice their own hunger?

Questions are many, but answers very few. And even fewer is the time for someone to ponder upon this thought and try to look for an answer. So where are we actually going with this attitude? Are we truly developing as a nation, or are we just going backwards with each passing day?


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